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OTC Sports Suspension Notice

Guidelines and Protocol:
At OTC Sports, our core values revolve around fostering sportsmanship, ensuring respect, and promoting the safety of all our participants, staff, and officials. Our mission is to facilitate events that are harmonious and enjoyable for every participant.
However, adherence to our code of conduct is non-negotiable. Breaches will result in suspensions, and this page provides a transparent record of those suspensions for the entire OTC Sports community.

Key Reminders:
Respect for Staff and Officials:
It is imperative to treat every OTC Sports staff or official with utmost respect. Engaging in rude or offensive behavior is grounds for suspension. Parents are urged not to engage with OTC Sports officials or staff on matters of contention.
Our policy is clear: we deal with coaches exclusively never parents. No parent is to ever approach a staff member or verbal abuse an official.Violations of this policy, particularly unruly behavior driven by raw emotion, will be dealt with firmly.
Proper Communication: Issues are inevitable, but the manner in which they are handled can make all the difference. Coaches should communicate with OTC Sports staff with civility and respect. Adhering to our communication protocol ensures that concerns are addressed judiciously and amicably.
Maintain Decorum: Our events are a platform for sports enthusiasts and young athletes to shine. Derogatory actions, creating public scenes, or any form of disrespect will trigger immediate suspension.
Remember, OTC Sports events are family-friendly, and we expect everyone to contribute to this wholesome environment. Any offenders will be removed by the police detail on site and suspensions will be issued. 
Suspensions List:
For those who find their names on this list, below we encourage introspection and hope you return with a genuine commitment to our shared values. To the rest of our community, let's collaborate to make every OTC Sports event a pleasant and unforgettable experience for all.

The following are indefinitely suspended from OTC sports until further notice:
    • Name: Laura Rivero & her father.
    • Team: 12AA LA Nationals
    • Offense: Verbal abuse directed at an official and OTC Staff. And the umpire had the call correct. This is an example of when your child is involved in a play that does not go your way and you as a parent cannot control your emotions. Lashing out at umpires and staff will not happen here. 
    • Suspension: Prohibited from attending any OTC Sports events for the duration of the season until further notice.