Guidelines and Protocol: At OTC Sports, our fundamental principles are centered around nurturing sportsmanship, ensuring respect, and prioritizing the safety of all participants, staff, and officials. Our mission is to facilitate events that create a harmonious and enjoyable experience for every individual involved. Nevertheless, we emphasize that adherence to our code of conduct is not open to negotiation. Violations of our guidelines will result in suspensions, and this notice serves as a transparent record of those suspensions for the entire OTC Sports community.

Key Reminders:
Respect for Staff and Officials: It is imperative that all individuals associated with OTC Sports treat our staff and officials with the utmost respect. Engaging in rude or offensive behavior will be met with suspension. We strongly discourage parents from interacting with OTC Sports officials or staff on contentious matters. Our policy is unequivocal: parents must exclusively engage with coaches and are prohibited from approaching staff members or verbally abusing officials. Violations of this policy, especially behavior driven by intense emotions, will be met with firm action.
Proper Communication: While issues may arise, the manner in which they are addressed can significantly impact the outcome. Coaches are expected to communicate with OTC Sports staff in a civil and respectful manner. Adhering to our communication protocol ensures that concerns are addressed judiciously and amicably.
Maintain Decorum: Our events serve as a platform for sports enthusiasts and young athletes to showcase their skills. Any form of derogatory actions, public disturbances, or disrespect will result in immediate suspension. It is essential to remember that OTC Sports events are family-friendly, and we expect everyone to contribute to maintaining a wholesome environment. Offenders will be promptly removed by on-site police detail, and suspensions will be issued.

Suspensions List: For those whose names appear on this list, we encourage introspection and hope for your return with a sincere commitment to our shared values. To the rest of our community, let's work together to ensure that every OTC Sports event remains a pleasant and unforgettable experience for all.
The following individuals and teams are indefinitely suspended from OTC Sports until further notice due to their respective offenses:

NameLaura Rivero & her father
Team: 12AA LA Nationals
Offense: Verbal abuse directed at an official and OTC Staff, despite the umpire having made the correct call. Such behavior, where a parent cannot control their emotions and resorts to lashing out at umpires and staff, will not be tolerated.
Suspension: Laura Rivero and her father are prohibited from attending any OTC Sports events for the duration of the season until further notice.

NameTraction Canes White 9U-AA
Team: Traction Canes White 9U-AA
Offense: Pulling out of an event after the brackets were posted to play elsewhere. Did not even have the common courtesy to contact us,  and refusing to pay the fine. 
Suspension: This team will remain on the suspensions list until the fine is paid. 
OTC Sports is dedicated to upholding a respectful and equitable sporting environment for all participants, and actions as described above will not be condoned. Further actions or updates regarding these suspensions will be communicated as necessary.