To inquire about umpiring opportunities with OTC Sports, please feel free to reach out to our Umpire In Charge, Trey Viger, at We strive to offer a supportive and rewarding experience for our umpires, and here are some of the benefits of joining our team:

  • We supply 2 plate shirts and 2 field shirts, along with 2 hats to our umpires to ensure they are well-equipped for the job.

  • We provide snacks and waters to keep our umpires refreshed during their games.

  • Our on-site Umpire In Charge is available 24/7 to assist and support our umpires as needed.

  • We offer several FREE training sessions throughout the year to teach and help our umpires continually improve their skills. We will mold you!

  • All games come with a Pay-At-Plate (PAP) compensation model.

  • For Coach Pitch games, we offer a rate of $40.00 for 1-hour games, and for Kid Pitch games, the rate is $60.00 for 1.5-hour games.

At OTC Sports, we take pride in our commitment to recruiting, grooming, and providing the best umpires in the business. We appreciate your interest in joining our team and look forward to welcoming you to our umpiring community. Thank you!