OTC Sports
OTC = Outwork The Competition!


Q: I did not receive an email to approve my child's roster.  How do I approve them?

1. Visit offthechainsports.com

2. Create a login using the same email address that your team admin used to roster your player.

3. Login

4. Click on Profile in website header.

5. Click Approve next to your player.

6. Complete the roster approval.

Q: How do I submit a schedule request?

We only take schedule request through the website.

Schedule Request are not taken after the Monday before the start of the event. 

1. Login

2. Click the event title.

3. In the event menu click Schedule Request and submit it. 

4. Schedule Request are granted 1st come 1st serve.

5. Schedule Request are for teams who are in an absolute bind and need special times to field 9 players.

6. When schedule request are submitted matchups are voided and you will play Vs other teams who submitted the same request.

Q: How do I get on the Waiting List?

1. Follow the same procedure you would follow to register for an event and it will guide you to the waiting list. Teams are lifted 1st come 1st serve. 

Q: Do I need Team Insurance for my team to play?

No team is allowed to play OTC Sports without their Insurance Policy uploaded in their Team Dugout.

Any team needing Team Insurance may purchase it by clicking Insurance in the menu. The insurance we offer beats any price and is top notch coverage.

1. Login to your Team Dugout.

2. Click Insurance in your profile.

3. Upload your policy. Once your policy is uploaded you will be marked off in Admin as having proof of insurance. 

Q: Why are some players on my roster in my Team Dugout showing as pending?

When players are added to your roster in your Team Dugout t they will show as PENDING. Once the parent signs the waiver sent to them by Team Admin that player will then be displayed as APPROVED. No player will show on the official roster until APPROVED. 

Q: How do we know all event details when playing with OTC?

1. After the brackets are published no later than 5pm on Wed we will send out our Event Email listing all you need to know about playing with us. Whatever email is listed under Team Admin will get it, if you do not get it please contact us. 

Q: Why on some roster ages do I see a players age listed as older than the rest of the players?

1. These are Grade Based players. Please visit our rules section and view article #3 for full clarity. 

Q: How do I remove my team from a scheduled event?

1. You cannot, email us and we will remove you.