Central, MS
Wow Factor Midsouth Prospects
W-L-T 0-0-0
Win % .000
Avg Finish
Ranking Points 0
Avg Runs Scored 0.00
Avg Runs Allowed 0.00
Avg Runs Difference 0.00
Runs Scored 0
Runs Allowed 0
vs. Classes

This team is not registered for any upcoming OTC Sports events.

All teams participating in all OTC Sports events must have their official roster online. Please visit our Rules Of The Game page and abide by all roster guidelines.

Rosters will automatically freeze at midnight before the official event start date.

# Athlete Roster Age Status
1 Karter King 11 and 9 months Active
9 Clayton Mathes 11 and 0 months Pending
13 Jayden Dixon 11 and 2 months Active
19 Cody Kittrell 11 and 6 months Pending
30 Quinton Barley 11 and 2 months Active
50 Evan Andersen 11 and 9 months Active