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Thibodaux, LA

Thibodaux Turf Fields

Thibodaux Turf Event!

Feb 25-26

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3 New Turf Fields - The Farm System -Thibodaux, LA 

4 New Turf Fields - The Farm System -Thibodaux, LA 

Home of the OTC Sports Home Run Chains!

Event Info: 

Please read information below to help answer any questions you may have regarding this event.

  • February 12th-13th, 2023
  • 7U - 14U Divisions
  • Your ages venue will be announced 2 weeks prior. .You can then decide if you would like to stay or leave.  Our goal is to build great brackets and play them on beautiful venues. 
  • 3 game minimum. 2 pool on Saturday into single elimination on Sunday. 
  • Umpire in charge and site director on site 24/7.
  • #1 Award Packages in the region!
  • Best travel ball atmosphere!
  • NO pets allowed past the gate entrance. 
  • NO boom boxes or music allowed into any venue. nobody on other fields wants to hear your music
  • NO outside food or drink allowed past any gate entry. Parks make their money off of concessions.

Tournament Fee:

  • Coach Pitch Entry Fee = $75
  • Kid Pitch Entry Fee = $200
  • Kid Pitch Pay @ The Plate = $45
  • Coach Pitch Pay @ The Plate = $30
  • Gate Fee $10 per person per day. 11 @ under enter free. 

Game Times:

  • Coach Pitch plays 1 hour/6 innings/run rule with no drop dead time.
  • 9U-12U play 1:30 minute games/6 innings/run rule no drop dead time. 
  • 13U-14U play 1:30 minute games/7 innings/ run rule no drop dead time. 
  • Run rules are 12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5. 

Pitching Limits:

  • Pitching is not limited daily you may use your innings however you want. We feel as though coaches should be  responsible for arms not OTC Sports.
  • 9U-12U get 8 innings on the weekend. 
  • 13U-14U get 10 innings on the weekend. 

Team Contacts / Event Updates

  • The only contact info we have for you is the email you listed in your Team Dugout when you sanctioned your team. If you would like to add additional emails to your account please send us the name and email of that contact. When we email all teams anything pertaining to the event it will go to these emails listed in your Team Dugout. 

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