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OTC = Outwork The Competition!

Hammond, LA


9th Annual Swinging For Our Troops Overseas!

May 27-28, 2023


5/21/2023 6:29 PM

To get Live Score alerts right to your mobile click GET LIVE SCORE UPDATES in the event menu. No outside food or drink allowed into any venue. Please abide by all park rules, Thank You!


Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 Saturday 9:00 AM Chap #12 3 Louisiana Shockers 15 MYB Gators
Game 2 Saturday 10:05 AM Chap #12 20 LA Pride 5 Louisiana Shockers
Game 3 Saturday 11:10 AM Chap #12 14 MYB Gators 0 Walker Blaze
Game 4 Saturday 12:15 PM Chap #12 4 Aces 4 LA Pride
Game 5 Saturday 1:20 PM Chap #12 3 Walker Blaze 20 LBA Naturals
Game 6 Saturday 2:25 PM Chap #12 0 LA Bulls Red 10 Aces
Game 7 Saturday 3:30 PM Chap #12 5 LBA Naturals 15 Cage Baseball - Loupe
Game 8 Saturday 4:35 PM Chap #12 10 Cage Baseball - Loupe 3 LA Bulls Red
# Team W-L-T RA RD RS
1 MYB Gators 2-0-0 3 14 14
2 Cage Baseball - Loupe 2-0-0 8 14 14
3 Aces 1-0-1 4 7 11
4 LA Pride 1-0-1 9 7 11
5 LBA Naturals 1-1-0 18 0 12
6 LA Bulls Red 0-2-0 20 -14 3
7 Walker Blaze 0-2-0 34 -14 3
8 Louisiana Shockers 0-2-0 35 -14 8

Single Elimination Bracket

Single Elimination Bracket
1 MYB Gators 15
Sunday 9:00 AM
Chap #12
8 Louisiana Shockers 3
4 LA Pride 11
Sunday 10:05 AM
Chap #12
5 LBA Naturals 1
2 Cage Baseball - Loupe 12
Sunday 11:10 AM
Chap #12
7 Walker Blaze 0
3 Aces 12
Sunday 12:15 PM
Chap #12
6 LA Bulls Red 2
MYB Gators 0
Sunday 1:20 PM
Chap #12
LA Pride 13
Cage Baseball - Loupe 0
Sunday 2:25 PM
Chap #12
Aces 10
LA Pride 11
Sunday 3:30 PM
Chap #12
Aces 10
LA Pride

Thank You for choosing OTC Sports!


We have hosted this event 8 years running and have used it as a tool to connect our youth baseball players with our United States Military serving overseas. 

Operation We Care will collect all player letters and care packages and ship them to our troops stationed overseas!


We ask that all players take the time to write 1 letter to an anonymous service member stationed overseas stating what their service means to them. Have all letters in a sealed envelope with a return addy so the troops can correspond. Players may include their social media links on the letter so the troops can correspond that way also. 


We ask that all teams bring no less than 1 care package. Please do not bring any loose items it will be hard for us to handle. Please have all care package items boxed up in an unsealed box. Operation We Care will have to inspect all items before it is shipped.





Event Info: 

Please read information below to help answer any questions you may have regarding this event
  • 3 game minimum. 2 pool on Saturday into single elimination on Sunday. 
  • Umpire in charge and site director on site 24/7.
  • #1 Award Packages in the region!
  • Best travel ball atmosphere!
  • NO pets allowed past the gate entrance. 
  • NO boom boxes or music allowed into any venue. nobody on other fields wants to hear loud music
  • NO outside food or drink allowed past any gate entry. Parks make their money off of concessions.

Tournament Fee:

  • Coach Pitch Entry Fee = $0
  • Kid Pitch Entry Fee = $100
  • Kid Pitch Pay @ The Plate = $50
  • Coach Pitch Pay @ The Plate = $35
  • Gate Fee $10 per person per day. 10 @ under enter free. 

Game Times:

  • Coach Pitch plays 1:00/6 innings/run rule with no drop dead time.
  • 9U-12U play 1:30 minute games/6 innings/run rule no drop dead time. 
  • 13U-14U play 1:30 minute games/7 innings/ run rule no drop dead time. 
  • Run rules are 12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5. 

Pitching Limits:

  • Pitching is not limited daily you may use your innings however you want. We feel as though coaches should be  responsible for arms not OTC Sports.
  • 9U-12U get 8 innings on the weekend. 
  • 13U-14U get 10 innings on the weekend. 

Team Contacts / Event Updates

  • The only contact info we have for you is the email you listed in your Team Dugout when you sanctioned your team. If you would like to add additional emails to your account please send us the name and email of that contact. When we email all teams anything pertaining to the event it will go to these emails listed in your Team Dugout. 

Team Name Division W-L-T
Slidell, LA
7U-AA 10-6-1
Cage Baseball - Loupe
Brusly, LA
7U-AA 8-7-0
LA Bulls Red
Livingston, LA
7U-AA 12-17-0
LA Pride
Walker, LA
7U-AA 16-19-1
LBA Naturals
Schriever, LA
7U-AA 6-16-0
Louisiana Shockers
Hammond, LA
7U-AA 0-12-0
MYB Gators
Madisonville, LA
7U-AA 3-1-0
Walker Blaze
Walker, LA
7U-AA 0-12-0
Team Name Division W-L-T
Bayou Bengals
Thibodaux, LA
9U-AA 2-2-0
Carrollton Red
New Orleans, LA
9U-AA 4-3-0
LA Stingers
Addis, LA
9U-AA 0-3-0
LBA Naturals White
Schriever, LA
9U-AA 2-15-0
Louisiana Loggerheads
Prairieville, LA
9U-AA 17-10-0
Mandeville Majors
Mandeville, LA
9U-AA 1-12-0
RBI Academy
Covington, LA
9U-AA 11-2-0
S. L. Select - Malbrough
Houma, LA
9U-AA 3-18-1
Saints - Morrow
Prairieville, LA
9U-AA 2-4-0
SBG Sox - Jordan
Ocean Springs, MS
9U-AA 3-2-0
Madisonville, LA
9U-AA 5-5-0
Team Name Division W-L-T
Farm System Prospects
Thibodaux, LA
10U-AA 9-12-1
Knights BR - McGucken
Baton Rouge, LA
10U-AA 7-4-0
Knights Knation Dean
Madison, MS
9U-AAA 3-1-0
LA Blast
Denham Springs, LA
10U-AA 1-11-0
LA Bulls - Wederstrandt
Livingston, LA
10U-AA 12-7-0
LTG Stars
Nola, LA
10U-AA 2-23-0
New Orleans Naturals
New Orleans, LA
10U-AA 10-4-0
The Stitches
Ponchatoula, LA
10U-AA 4-5-0
Team Name Division W-L-T
Ascension Cubs
Gonzales, LA
11U-AA 0-9-0
Ascension Heaters
Prairieville, LA
11U-AA 3-7-1
Ascension Voodoo
Prairieville, LA
11U-AA 0-6-0
Crawdads Baseball
Thibodaux, LA
11U-AA 4-5-1
La Anglers
Laplace, LA
10U-AAA 14-3-0
LA Leopard Dawgs
Baton Rouge, LA
11U-AA 2-3-0
LA Reds
Belle chasse, LA
11U-AA 6-2-1
LBA Naturals White
Schriever, LA
11U-AA 11-13-0
Louisiana Rippers
Gonzales, LA
11U-AA 6-7-0
Northshore Mariners
Madisonville, LA
11U-AA 3-6-0
RBI Academy
Covington, LA
11U-AA 7-5-0
St. Charles Warriors
Luling, LA
11U-AA 4-13-1
Swamp Dogs
Thibodaux, LA
11U-AA 2-14-0
Swamp Sox
Donaldsonville, LA
11U-AA 1-2-0
Team Name Division W-L-T
Ascension Sun Devils
Gonzales, LA
11U-AAA 4-7-0
Crawdads Baseball
Thibodaux, LA
12U-AA 1-5-0
Gonzales City Blues
Gonzales, LA
12U-AA 2-2-0
Houma Hooks
Houma, LA
12U-AA 6-10-0
LA Blast Silver
Denham Springs, LA
12U-AA 8-12-0
LA Bomb Squad
Livingston, LA
12U-AA 4-5-0
Louisiana Havok
Jonesville, LA
12U-AA 12-8-0
Louisiana Mariners Blue
Baton Rouge, LA
12U-AA 6-15-0
Louisiana Mariners White
Baton Rouge, LA
12U-AA 4-14-0
Ponchatoula, LA
12U-AA 0-3-0
The Show
Amite, LA
12U-AA 9-4-0
Clinton, LA
12U-AA 1-2-0
Team Name Division W-L-T
Ascension Giants
Gonzales, LA
12U-AAA 11-9-1
Ascension Rays
Prairieville, LA
11U-MAJ 1-2-0
Carrollton Select
New Orleans, LA
12U-AAA 5-4-2
New Orleans Spice
Kenner, LA
12U-AA 8-6-0
Northshore Pelicans
Covington, LA
12U-AAA 17-10-0
Prospect Baseball
Central, LA
12U-AAA 6-6-0
RBI Academy
Covington, LA
12U-AAA 2-1-0
Southshore Chaos
Destrehan, LA
12U-AAA 13-8-1
St. Tammany Cardinals
Mandeville, LA
12U-AA 11-17-0
Team Name Division W-L-T
Cage Baseball - Landry
Brusly, LA
13U-AAA 4-0-0
Hammond Yankees
Hammond, LA
13U-AA 12-24-1
Hammond Yankees Gold
Hammond, LA
13U-AAA 20-19-0
La Surge
Thibodaux, LA
13U-AA 9-11-0
LBA Naturals Blue
Schriever, LA
13U-AAA 14-14-1
RBI Academy
Covington, LA
13U-AAA 1-1-1
The Show Select
Amite, LA
13U-AAA 7-8-1