OTC Sports
OTC = Outwork The Competition!
New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Spice
Head Coach: Jeremy Sneed
W-L-T 0-0-0
Win % .000
Avg Finish
Ranking Points 0
Avg Runs Scored 0.00
Avg Runs Allowed 0.00
Avg Runs Difference 0.00
Runs Scored 0
Runs Allowed 0
vs. Classes


Place Date Event Division W-L-T
  10/9/2021 Champs Play For FREE In 2022! 8U-AA 0-0-0
  11/6/2021 Mashing For Our Military - LA 8U-AA 0-0-0


# Event Team VS Team
Thibodaux, Hammond, LA
Venue TBA 2 Weeks Prior!
Oct 9-10
Teams Registered: 37
Thibodaux, Hammond, LA
Venue TBA 2 Weeks Prior!
Nov 6-7
Teams Registered: 13

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Rosters will automatically freeze at midnight before the official event start date.

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